Eir Lua Interpreter

Lua 5.1 interpreter for the Eir development environment. Uses a custom Lua implementation derived from Puc Rio’s codebase.

The official Lua 5.1 implementation is lacking. That is why I saw the need in a new and clean redesign. Using the original algorithms the code has been ported to C++ to provide greater functionality. This interpreter is the gateway into a good Lua 5.1 foundation.

How to Build

To correctly build the C++ source code you need

Check-out the source code from ‘https://svn.osdn.net/svnroot/linteir/’. Navigate into “Build” and open “lint.sln” to find the main solution file.

Supported Operating Systems

The build environment supports Windows XP and above. There are special “_legacy” build configurations to target Windows XP specifically.